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Student Portal

By addressing the unique needs of diverse student personas, UniHub streamlines access to vital academic resources, fosters meaningful connections, and tackles the challenges students face on their educational journey.


With a keen eye on style and a user-centric ethos, Sartorial delivers an online fashion retail experience that seamlessly blends elegance with ease.


The essence of Sartorial lies in its commitment to offering more than just clothing; it's about a tailored journey that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle.

I'm a digital designer combining usability with stunning visual interfaces

A collection of work I have completed including professional work, case studies and stuff just for fun.

My Portfolio


With a user-centred approach, NeoPulse offers an innovative solution that streamlines banking for all.

Through careful attention to detail and an interface that's as sleek as it is functional, NeoPulse harmonizes usability and modern aesthetics.


Users interactions with the platform are designed to be seamless, empowering them to manage their finances with confidence.

Daily UI Jacob Marshall UX Design

Daily UI

A collection of daily UI challenges, with a variety of prompts and themes.

I'm Jacob.

I'm a digital designer with a background in art and psychology.


Design should be friendly and approachable, and that when it comes to user experience, creative and practical go hand in hand.


I strive to create products that are easy to use and understand, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Intention Psychotherapy

In this project, I worked on redesigning an existing website for Intention Psychotherapy.


The flow of the site and its visual design were completely overhauled, bringing about a far smoother, streamlined, and appealing user experience.

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